Hand Poured Candles

About Us

  Geeda's candles are individually hand poured. The containers are individually designed. Each reed diffuser is blended and poured by us.  What makes our candles so unique is the proprietary complex fragrances which we create.

Containers : We first select interesting, mostly handmade, papers or fabric to cover the glass containers.  Each container is then paired with one of our proprietary complex fragrances. Containers can hold either Soy wax or traditional wax.
Reed Diffusers: These oils are an alternative to burning and are ideal for dorms, offices, bath, kitchen and spaces where a constant scent is desired. 4oz bottles with 8 bamboo reeds last from 8 months to over one year. Flipping the reeds over in bottle reactivates the scent.

Wicks:  All our wicks are 100% natural paper or cotton.  No metals are used.
Wax: 100% natural soy wax is available in containers only.  Soy burns cleaner and produces a more "gentle" scent. Traditional wax for containers produces a much more powerful fragrance.  Both are available in containers. Pillar candles are made from highly refined paraffin.  The vibrant colors cannot be achieved with natural waxes.
Special Orders:  Geeda's Candles does custom designs, wedding and party favors, and fraternity and sorority colors, and gift sets and center pieces.  Please call for special orders.  (202) 744-4639

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